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wearing an outfit you like can make a day 10x better

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that moment of panic after you open frontview camera by accident


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getting an anon and knowing exactly who its from


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so when ur famous do u just magically have great skin or

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reblogging your own selfie


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"The problem for women is that being hurt is ordinary. It happens every day, all the time, somewhere to someone, in every neighborhood, on every street, in intimacy, in crowds; women are being hurt. We count ourselves lucky when we are only being humiliated and insulted. We count ourselves goddamn lucky when whatever happens falls short of rape. Those who have been beaten in marriage (a euphemism for torture) also have a sense of what luck is. We are always happy when something less bad happens than what we had thought possible or even likely, and we tell ourselves that if we do not settle for the less bad there is something wrong with us. It is time for us to stop that."

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  • God: you have to die so their sins can be forgiven
  • Jesus:
  • Jesus:
  • Jesus:
  • Jesus: i just came here to have a good time and i'm honestly feeling so attacked right now

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so this housewife decided to rewrite the harry potter series into christian books so that her kids wont be reading about witchcraft and i just cant eveN BREATHE BC THIS IS SO HYSTERICAL

read it here:

Hogwarts School of Prayer and Miracles


"You’re a Christian, Harry."


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we’ve taught girls to romanticise nearly everything a boy does. when i was younger i thought it was cute that boys chased the girl even after she said no. i loved it when after a girl moved away from a kiss, the guy would pull her back and force it on. i thought a guy saying ‘i won’t take a no for an answer’ was passionate and romantic. we’re literally always teaching girls to romanticise abusive traits.

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me trying to do stuff


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How do I make sure my gf doesn't catch me cheating on her?


ok follow these simple steps:

1. pick up the trash
2. step outta ur house
3. open the trash can
4. step into the trash can

good now u r where u belong congrats!!!